Scientific EU experts back Unilever’s new claim that phytosterols can lower LDL cholesterol by 11.3%

Posted: 1 May 2015

Scientific evidence on increased cholesterol lowering benefits of phytosterols (plant sterols and plant stanols) has been positively received by the panel of experts that reviews Disease Risk Reduction Claims (DRRC) for foods in the European Union.

EFSA’s expert paneli reviewed the scientific dossier submitted by Unilever and concluded that: “plant sterols and stanol esters at a daily intake of 3g (range 2.6 – 3.4g) in approved foods yellow fat spreads, dairy products, mayonnaise and salad dressings (No 376/2010) lower LDL-cholesterol by 11.3 % (95% CI: 10.0 – 12.5).”

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