Take the Stress Test!

Take the Stress Test! Take the Stress Test!

Are you stressed? Some of us struggle to pause long enough to notice! The feelings we associate with stress can sneak up on us, so that we don’t realise how bad it is until we step back for a minute to assess our lives.

To assist you with just that – step back – we’ve developed an online stress test. This quick quiz aims to help you evaluate what’s going on in your life, and whether you might need a bit more time to relax. Answer the questions below, tally your score, and check out what your stress level test results mean at the end.

Take a stress test online with the quiz below!
For each stress test question, add one point to your score every time you say “yes”. When the answer is “yes, most of the time”, add two points. If the answer is “no”, no points need to be added.

Have you had at least one restless night in the last week?
Do you dwell on problems regularly, and have trouble stopping?
Do you feel panicky at the thought of doing certain things, like speaking in public or going into an interview?
Do you regularly struggle to motivate yourself to get out of bed?
Do you find it difficult to unwind in the evenings?
Do you get a dry mouth?
Have you over-reacted to a situation in the last month and then regretted it?
Do you find yourself snapping at your friends and family regularly?
Do you find it difficult to relax, even when you have time off?
Do you often feel aware of your own heartbeat, even when not exercising?
Your online stress test score
If your score in our stress test is five or above, it’s likely that you need to take some time to relax and take care of yourself.

There are lots of ways to do so, and what is going to work best will depend on you. For some people the key is spending time with friends or family, while others crave a bit of ‘me-time’ alone to look after themselves. Whatever you do, make sure you have a good support network around you with people you can talk to and who’ll be on hand to help when things get tough.

Resources to help after taking the online stress test
For more advice after doing the stress level test, have a look at some of our healthy lifestyle guides here on the site – from stress-relieving hobbies to new ways to relax. In fact, the ProActiv site has a number of helpful tips on stress management. If sleep is evading you, we even have some advice here to help.

Whatever the result is when you take a stress test, remember that while it’s normal to feel stress every now and again, you don’t need to put up with it – especially if stress is beginning to rule your life. If you need that extra bit of support, don’t hesitate to see a registered healthcare professional. They’ll be able to explain the options around to help you feel better, and be able to sign-post you to other services. There’s always someone out there who can help, so make sure to ask.

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