Flora ProActiv and the British Heart Foundation (BHF) launch the Love Your Heart Report

Posted: 1 July 2015

The inaugural Love Your Heart seminar for health care professionals (HCPs) took place on 1st November 2012 to provide a comprehensive understanding of Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) in women and to outline how HCPs can work with women in day-to-day practice to help manage or improve their CHD risk.

The seminar was led by the following two experts in heart health:

  • Dr. Jane Flint, Consultant Cardiologist, Chair British Cardiovascular Society Joint Working Group Recommendations for Women’s Heart Health, Trustee British Heart Foundation
  • Dr. Jonathan Morrell, GP and founding member of both HEART UK and the Primary Care Cardiovascular Society spoke to a range of Health Care Professionals

Following the seminar, the Love Your Heart report has been launched by Flora ProActiv and the BHF providing an overview for HCPs of the current outlook of CHD in women in the UK.

The report is split into two main chapters: the first – The Heart of the Matter – looks at the prevalence of CHD in women today, current research and attitudes towards it. It also assesses the economic burden and presentation of CHD in practice as well as some of the regional and socio-economic differences of CHD in women across the UK. The second chapter – Reducing CHD risk – explores some of the main modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors for CHD. It looks at the effects of smoking, high blood cholesterol – with reference to the benefits of plant sterol enriched foods – high blood pressure, poor diet and lifestyle and physical inactivity on heart health. It also addresses some of the current preventative strategies and treatment options available to reduce CHD risk.

Read the full Love your heart report