What are Statins?

What are Statins? What are Statins?

Our mission here at Flora ProActiv is to help people lower their cholesterol, so we know a lot about how a cholesterol-conscious diet and lifestyle works. But when it comes to questions about cholesterol lowering medications, like “What are statins for?”, we’re not the experts. We can, however, set you off in the right direction on your quest for knowledge.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of places to go that will help you find out more. So, what are statins, and what are they used for? Let’s get started.

“What are statins?” and other questions answered

Statins are a collection of medicines that help to lower LDL-cholesterol levels in the blood*. When it comes to medical advice on statins’ uses, a healthcare professional should always be your first port of call. But for quick reference, you might find it useful to explore some of the recommended resources here:

  • What are statins? For a concise and completely trustworthy source of information on what statins are, the NHS introductory page on them is a good place to start: click here.
  • What are statins used for? For specific information from the NHS on the circumstances in which statins are often prescribed, click here.
  • What do statins do in the body? Check out cholesterol charity Heart UK’s factsheet on statins’ uses for a breakdown of how statins work: click here.
  • Can I use statins and Flora ProActiv products to lower cholesterol together? Yes – just consult with your doctor before you start. The effect can actually be additive: eating 1.5 to 2.4g of plant sterols (found in ProActiv foods) a day can help to lower cholesterol by an additional 7-10% in two to three weeks*. To find out more, click here.
  • What are statins’ side effects? We’ve put together a helpful list of resources to help you explore this question: click here.
  • Do many people take statins? The British Heart Foundation says that “statins are the most commonly prescribed medicines in the UK”. The BBC estimates this number at around 7 million people in the UK.
  • How long do statins take to lower cholesterol? Heart UK has a helpful explanation: click here.

Again, if you have questions about statins, make sure you arrange an appointment with a medical professional. They’ll be happy to talk you through anything and can give you advice based on your personal situation.

Other ways to manage cholesterol

Whether you are taking statins or not, having a healthy diet and lifestyle is important for anyone trying to lower their cholesterol. Here we can help. Download our free cholesterol lowering starter kit for information, advice, and even recipes. We can also have it delivered to you by post. Find out more here.

* Flora ProActiv contains plant sterols. A daily intake of 1.5 – 2.4g sterols can lower cholesterol by 7 – 10% in 2 – 3 weeks as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle including plenty of fruits and vegetables. High cholesterol is a risk factor in the development of coronary heart disease. As coronary heart disease has many risk factors, more than one may need to be improved to reduce the overall risk of it. Individual results may vary.